Medarot – 02

Medarot 02

From the Murky Depths

So, this took a year. I’m gonna start by saying, please help me. I ended up giving up on the Parts Acquisition screen because it was taking too much time for too little a reward. It will certainly be covered in a v2, but it’s little things like that that end up taking the most time, and it’s frustrating as all hell for a script to sit around near-finished while I slowly trudge away at ridiculous signs that are on screen for 3 seconds.

I’ve talked about it a bit before, but 2013 has not been good to me. I was involved in a lawsuit late 2012 into early 2013, and in August was hit by a car while crossing the street. My livelihood has luckily remained fairly stable, but it’s really put my life into a disarray it’s only just now starting to come out of. God knows, I love fansubs as much as the next guy, but there are certain times in life when I just can’t prioritize them. Please understand that it was not my intention to deceive or give false hope to an already starved fanbase (that could really use your support). I am extremely excited to ring in the new year with this release, with hopefully more to come in the near future.

If you haven’t heard, Youkai Watch will be starting on the 8th of this month, and the pressure of weekly releases is already in the air. There is simply no way I can execute that kind of schedule with my current workload, but I will try and evenly disperse my time between it and Medarot. With some luck, an early release of the first episode will be enough of a platform that a call for help will leave me in a position that I can devote less time to it and more to Medarot.

With that said, we’re still recruiting. Everything. Like, every position possible. Also, by ‘we’, I mean me. This group is just me. There have been a few brave souls hoping to weather the storm with my haphazard release schedule, but all of them have more than enough fansubbing responsibilities in other, more established, groups. So it’s just me… chugging along.

As I mentioned above, this episode was a real challenge to work on. My goal with this project is to keep the translation funny. If the dialogue isn’t funny to a native English speaker, when its Japanese equivalent is to a native Japanese speaker, how can I call the translation accurate? A few sets of lines had me really struggling with that ideology… One was kept rigid and blunt and relied wholly on the visual gag, another I found a solid equivalent for, and another I actually had a bit of a problem understanding at first, but after referring to another translator, found my borderline absurd translation actually closer to the intention of the scene than I’d expected. Additionally, I ironed out some elements of the bible I’d struggled with in the first episode, so naming conventions (Mr. Uruchi, hercules beetle) should stay consistent from this point forward.

This episode is a real standout of the series’ first quarter. There’s more than a handful of solid laughs, and possibly the most lopsided animation fluidity I’ve ever seen in a TV episode. I really hope you enjoy watching it, and stay tuned for more Medarot.


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