Medarot – 01

Medarot 01

13 Years in the Making…
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Your favorite PMS’ing faggot is back! As you may have heard, work began on this episode a long time ago. It aired 13 years ago, though, so what’s 1 more? Anyone who knows me knows that this project is going to take a long, long time. I work really long hours these days, and it’s not very often I want to spend my free time fansubbing. I do enjoy it, though, and this project has been a lot of fun so far.

With that said, I realize the raw sucks. God bless FortMax for doing his best making heads or tails of the muddy Sakura-raws upscale, and saving me the humiliation of releasing a straight mux. If any anon out there has ISO’s of the series (preferably of the boxset because the singles look like ass in comparison) and would be so kind as to donate them, it’d greatly improve the quality of these releases.

We’re also recruiting for this project. We’re in need of more QC’s, and a dedicated pre-timer. If anyone out there is interested, they can head down to #robo on Rizon, or shoot me an e-mail.

I think the script turned out really funny, and I hope you all like it as much as I do. My editing style is to my tastes, and I realize full well that it may be off-putting to some. I don’t expect a gg-level weeaboo shitstorm, but I know it’ll ruffle feathers. Unfortunately for everyone who hates it, I’m the driving force behind this project, and I don’t have the time nor dedication to work on something that doesn’t speak directly to my tastes. Tough cookies, basically.

This release will get a v2 eventually. There are a few editing choices (namely Mr. Butterfingers) that I’m not 100% on, some terminology I might be wrong about, and some typesetting I was too lazy to bother with. This release was taking a LONG TIME, and not only was I sick of looking at it, I promised it sooner and I didn’t wanna seem like I was just sitting on it. It’s not perfect, but I’m really proud of it, and I hope you all enjoy watching our releases. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling on some fan translations of the games…

Big thanks as usual go to FortMax for encoding, MegaAnon for everything, and the guys at Project Rising Beetle for being awesome and keeping what’s left of the fandom afloat,


PS: Kondo wa kondo. The fucking epitome of unfunny cultural idioms. The narrator just makes fun of it, but it isn’t funny at all literally. Not funny in our version either, but after ages of debating, it’s literally the best we’ve come up with. Will (hopefully) be changed in the v2. Try not to rage too hard in the meantime.


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